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Electronic Weigher  Specifications: The electronic bag filling machine is one of our leading machines, which enables the product to be weighed and bagged at specific weights. This productive machine is a must have in any potato and onion pack line. The product gets elevated from the collecting bin and singulated for exact weighing. The product is being weighed with load cells and dumped into a bin. The operator then pushes a switch, telling the machine he/she is ready for bagging. The product is then dumped into a bag and ends the circuit and prepares for the next load. The machine handles two bags at a time to assure production. The electronic bag filling machine works with PVC conveyor belts, which is driven by two 0.37kW Motors. The machine runs three different speeds which are automatically controlled by an inverter. A shaker is put in place to vibrate the bags to assure all the product gets in the bag. The electronic bag filling machine can handle up to 1400 bags per day which is very competitive. Click Here To View The Brochure