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Lug Tipper
The lug box tipping machine is able to unload the contents of fruit boxes directly onto a motorised belt with the utmost gentle handling.This continuous cycle drum dumper is really versatile: it can work with boxes of different sizes without the need to make mechanical adjustments. It features high productivity and reliability, and the simple design eliminates maintenance costs. The particular form of the drum belt prevents any fall of product when the boxes are being rotated. The specially designed unloading system completely safeguards the quality of the product. Operating Cycle: Technical Data The full boxes are placed on the entry belt Productivity: Up to 1400 boxes/hour   At the lower part of the machine.    Usable boxes: A second belt holds the boxes in contact - Length: Up to 600mm   With the drum during rotation    -Width: From 300 to 450mm  When the top of the drum has been reached     -Height: From 70 to 370mm The product is gently released from the boxes     Motor: 0.75 kW 4 poles B5 And moved towards a conveyor belt while 3-phase power supply,400V 50Hz The empty boxes are directed to the exit zone        Reduction unit: NMRV 63 i:20 For pickup.    Electronic speed control (inverter)                                                              Weight: +- 1000kg    Click Here To View The Brochure